Sunday, February 18, 2007


This comment arrived in the FCB in-box this weekend. It's good to know that someone who reads FCB (or who at least stumbles over here) is a Beckham or soccer fan. I am trying to be generous and ignore the possibility that he or she is into the Spice Girls.

FCB is an equal opportunity blog and welcomes readers who are fans of all sports, even the exceptionally boring ones.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems a bit harsh to me - or maybe defensive. Of course, under the circumstances, one has to consider the source. This is a person who apparently thinks that David Beckham is the savior of American professional soccer. For that matter, why would anyone - even a real soccer fan - watch American soccer, when there are substantially better teams playing in other countries around the world. See anyone putting big money into the CFL (putting aside the salaries of "temporary" American stars who've violated themselves right out of the NFL)?
-- A friend in Philly

8:15 PM  

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